Into the wild (en)

27 December, 2008

into-the-wildInto the Wild (2007)
Regia: Sean Penn
Cast: Emile Hirsch

This is not just a movie. It’s the story that belongs to us all: it’s that wild and ancient call that accompanies our life; it’s the crossroad  we face when we need to choose; it’s a natural and genuine sense of reality that we – sooner or later – loose. This story screams out to the outside world although to the viewer’s soul first. It’s the real story of Cristopher McCandless – aka Alexander Supertramp – who abandons his life and leaves all and everything behind after reaching what his parents thought as necessary. His will is iron as it is his ultimate journey destination: Alaska, and the beings that live in it. A long trip enriched by human contacts, breathtaking landscapes and travelled with that sort of freedom that belongs to every single human being from birth.

Technically, this movie is superb. Divided into chapters as an adventure romance, Into the Wild shakes your soul and causes questions, memories and hopes. At the end of the movie, viewers feel like the woman in the first shot: panicked, they question themselves. Sean Penn, in his first performance as director, gives us a majestic piece of cinema also and undoubtedly enriched by an extraordinary soundtrack by Eddie Vedder.

I encourage you to watch it with your children, with your best friends, with your beloved… and to find your inspiration.


One comment

  1. It really raises questions , to us all….or at least thats what i wanna hope for…to us who feel comfortable in our cosy homes , who dream of being surrounded by riches , who run every day to get more and more , not knowing that we only look like tiny ants fighting for something that really isnt worth fighting for….we run and search for happiness in the wrong places….thats what the movie taught me…we dont LIVE , we dont enjoy every minute of our lives , we just exist….simply , sadly exist…all wrapped up in our shells…pretending….acting like hypoctites….fooling ourselves and the others around us…trying to live”by the rules” , the fake rules that society has created in order to keep us under control…
    I was also amazed by the lesson Chris learnt from that life adventure of his….that “happiness only exists when shared”….and that is so true….he felt he had found his own happiness ….he only didnt share it…so it was as if that didnt exist…so sad and yet so true…


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